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Tel: (0039) 347 23 52 322
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positano_new_1.jpg positano_new_2.jpg positano_new_3.jpg elevator shoes, how to grow taller, height increasing shoes elevator shoes, how to grow taller, height increasing shoes


  • Descrizione
  • Recensioni
  • Tomaia in pelle di vernice nera
  • Fodera interna in morbida pelle
  • Suola, tomaia e soletto sono raccordate e cucite a vista
  • Sottopiede e soletto in vero cuoio
  • Tacco in vero cuoio con antiscivolo in gomma
  • Lacci in cotone cerato
  • Disponibile con: Suola in vero cuoio lavorata artigianalmente con antiscivolo in gomma o Suola in gomma di ultima generazione lavorata artigianalmente con antiscivolo
  • Rialzo a scelta tra: 6 cm, 7 cm o 8 cm
  • Fatte a mano in Italia

Other then the hairstyles, the flowers, the caterers, and of course the amazing white gown, there is pair of high heels, and she seemed adamant that our wedding would not be complete without them. Now, I'm not a short man, but next to her in those heels I felt I could easily pass as one of the seven dwarves. So, not wanting to look like a short stump next to my beautiful bride, I began to look around for a solution. This was when I came across an online store that sold exactly what I was searching for! Not only were the shoes handmade, not only were they Italian leather, but they also were able to discreetly increase the height of a man without looking like they had any heel at all! After browsing the site and looking at the various styles and options I settled on a pair called 'Positano'. They would increase my height by 7.5 cm and with their sleek black italian leather design they were perfect. When they arrived I was most impressed with the craftsmanship and the superior quality of these shoes. They were astoundingly comfortable and I was able to celebrate my big day in style without fear of looking like a dwarf next to my bride. I would definitely recommend this website and these shoes to all my mates! Gabriel, United States